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Rico Gloves
RICO means- Rich or of High Quality in Spanish and Italian. In English RICO is known to most people as a cool name. At RiCO we are dedicated to our name of providing high quality products and we like having a cool name too. Rico by Maddi is a company dedicated to delivering top quality Sporting Goods. We supply baseball gloves, batting gloves, bats, and workout apparel for baseball and fitness. Our Rico glove line is made from Professional Grade Steer Hide Leather. These gloves are Professional Player Grade quality and handcrafted in Mexico. The gloves have been inspected and checked for quality and styled by a former pro baseball player. Rico gloves are 100% Steer hide leather. The gloves are firm when new but will break-in beautifully. The durability on a Rico Glove is second to none.
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Kobler Chiropractic
Is your child having sports specific issues such as shoulder pain, troubles with range of motion, come and find out how Dr Kobler DC may be able to help your child with Chiropractic care and avoid surgery and prescription drug use. Chiropractic is much more than just a fix for back pain, in fact I consider myself to be a Doctor of the nervous system, that is the ultimate goal to get 100% function of the nervous system so that the rest of the body works correctly as well. I do provide care for pregnant women, children, sports injury, adults for many different ailments. Go to www.koblerchiro.com or call 816-569-6577 for more info today!