...NKCA Baseball, est. 1946...

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Schedules will be posted as soon as possible and we will fill in any TBD as they become available.
Dates:    6/27-30
Tournament Rules
  • Format - Single Elimination
  • Seeding will be determined by regular season record.  In the event of a tie in record, the league will look at head to head, then runs allowed.
  • Teams will be divided into 2 brackets based on regular season records.
  • No ties - In the event of a tie at the end of regulation or 6 innings, at the top of the next inning, place the last batted out on 2nd base with no outs.
  • The league will provide game balls.
  • Home team will be higher seed through entire tournament, including for championship game.
  • All other NKCA Baseball League Rules will apply. 
Seedings / Brackets
TBD - Once the regular season games are complete, seedings will be complete and posted below.  Once schedules are published there will also be viewable brackets below.  
**Please keep in mind, until all regular season games have been decided, the teams in the brackets may change as we attempt to align teams by record**  

6U Coach Pitch Tournament Schedule (PDF)

6U Coache Pitch Tournament Brackets