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This chart is accurate for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019
To determine division eligibility, locate the players date of birth within the ranges below...


NKCA Members,


As many of you may be aware, there has been a great deal of national discussion regarding the age ranges a player would be eligible to play based on their date of birth and what grade they are in.  After serious consideration over the years and recent national movement, our board of directors feel it is in the best interest of our program and our participants to add a grade component to our current age groups effective in 2019.  The intended purpose is to allow those in the same grade to play on the same team. If you are eligible by age or grade, your player is eligible.

  Date of Birth  
Division Oldest Youngest Grade
6U TBall 5/1/2012 4/30/2015 K
6U Coach Pitch 5/1/2012 4/30/2015 K
6U Machine Pitch 5/1/2012 4/30/2014 K
7U Machine Pitch 5/1/2011 4/30/2013 1st
8U Machine Pitch 5/1/2010 4/30/2012 2nd
9U 5/1/2009 4/30/2011 3rd
10U 5/1/2008 4/30/2010 4th
11U 5/1/2007 4/30/2009 5th
12U 5/1/2006 4/30/2008 6th
13U 5/1/2005 4/30/2007 7th
14U 5/1/2004 4/30/2006 8th
16U 5/1/2002 4/30/2005 9th, 10th
19U 5/1/1999 4/30/2004 11th, 12th

* Note, any player that is 2 years older prior to May 1st then the division, will not be eligible, regardless of grade.


This change will likely not impact many, if any, teams in our program.  The age groups will remain the same.  This change impacts those few players who may fall outside the date range but due to local/state schooling requirements regarding grade, may not have had the opportunity to play with their peers.