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Score Keeper Training Video
  Below are a few videos that can help with score...
No More Stolen Bases - Catcher Drills
  Drills for Catchers ...
Score Keeper Training Video
Below are a few videos that can help with score keeping.  These videos were done keeping a paper scorebook by another baseball organization but follow similar processes.  
A few important things to keep in mind..
  • In our program, whether doing TBall, Coach Pitch, Machine Pitch, and/or Kid Pitch, Line-up Cards are required to be complete with players jersey #, first and last name of player, and position.  It is very appropriate that the opposing team require a complete line up prior to the start of the game.
  • Pitch counter is a separate/different person than the score keeper.
  • Home team is the official book of record.  It is appropriate for both score keepers to touch base with one another in between innings to avoid discrepancies in each book.  It is recommended each score keeper sit next to the other at the score keepers table.


No More Stolen Bases - Catcher Drills

Drills for Catchers



Adobe PDF file 2018 Coaches Conference *-  Slides from the 2018 coaches conference

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